Monday, May 17

OVERLOAD plus a dance recital

Geez, so many things are changing for us now I am dizzy, literally.  I am having a hard time keeping a grasp things day to day and I keep forgetting lots of details (as though I ever remembered them before)!  For instance, my mother-in-law's dog last weekend.

I was supposed to let molly out to use the bathroom while my in-laws were out for the day.  I got busy with friends and crafts and poor molly had to cross her legs!  Those legs were crossed for quite a while because my memory lapse lasted until the moment I listened to a voicemail from my mother-in-law telling me they were home!

In the midst of huge life changing decisions, was Sunday, and Adah's dance recital.  It was beautiful.  I was overwhelmed with nostalgia for my days as a dancer, and I now know what it might have been like to be my mom during those times.  It all feels very full circle.  Plus the fact that Adah was an adorable "spring daisy" on that stage!

I must highlight Jonah in this post as well because he gets the best big brother award!  He wore a blazer to the recital by choice (because he knows Adah likes "fancy clothes"), and he was a perfect gentleman (well gentlemen can be silly sometimes) while Adah was in ballet-princess mode.  I am so proud of him, and I love to see him growing up to be the brother we have prayed he would be.

Here are some pics of Sunday, it was a much needed bright spot in the chaos that is our life lately.  I love how God gives us breaks when we need them.  Still haven't figured out our living situation, but we have a couple of months to work it out..... if it doesn't put me in the grave by then!  Moving around with kids really stinks, especially when they are in school. 

That said, God is absolutely walking with us and I know that He will provide and inspire us to prosper.  I just have to stay in prayer and ask others for prayer so that I can remember and be in touch with that fact.

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