Friday, May 7

A New May

This month, May, was meant to be a month of changes for us. 

My spring semester at FSU finished the last week in April.  There's the first change, I have 3 months off of FSU (the unforgiving beast that it is).  I do not, however, have 3 months free of classes.  My night classes at TCC started yesterday.  This first change brings comfort and irritation at the same time.  I am comforted by the thought of returning to my TCC home, they have babied me so well there.  It's like coming home to momma in many ways.  BUT I am utterly irritated by the fact that I have to take classes two nights a week, 3 hours a night, all summer and that those classes are:  Interpersonal Communication & Computer Literacy.  Is it prideful to say that I think I have these two areas licked?  Yes, it is.  But, that's the way I feel.  Yet, I will have to sit for those hours, read those words of text, and write papers, take tests, give presentations to prove it.

Next change this month:  money.  Hays and I have come to terms with our lack of financial dilligence over the last 9 months or so (dun dun DUH).  So, here we go again with the agonizing cash/envelope process with serious spending limits.  This is SO hard for me.  My personality is very impulsive in some areas, particularly (but cetainly not limited to) the area of food.  I love to cook, and I don't love to plan meals.  I am an off-the-cuff culinary queen who must move with the winds of inspiration in order to produce my masterpeices.  Now how does that fit into an envelope containing a specific number for the week?

Last change:  housing.  Our lovely, charming, cavernous home in Lafayette Park, with all its quirks (ie. plumming so old I can't take a hot bath deeper than 2.5 inches), perks (location!!), and pretention (yes I love the romanticism of downtown living) may have to become a memory.  We are weighing our options, along with our patience for another move... and who knows, we may not be midtowners much longer...

Changes, come like a band-aid pulled by mommy!  quickly, smoothly, painlessly.  Please don't linger and cause a scene inside me....  I don't need a reason for anxiety.

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