Monday, May 10

Sister I Miss You.

I have been thinking about my sister the last couple of days.  It is always hard around holidays (Mother's Day was yesterday).  I try to comfort myself by listening to her band but it seems I am only torturing myself!  So, here is my note to my sister, Danielle, Dan, Dani, DeeDee, whichever you choose to call her.  It is my way of releasing these feelings.

Sweet sister, I miss you.  I listen to your songs to have you in my house with me.  I sing with you for as long as I can without getting tearful.  Little sister, my heart has an empty space (next to the ones already filled by Hays, the kids, and Jesus) that is half open.  You are only partly inside because you are so far away, and the little part still open aches sometimes.

Mom gets to see you in a week, and my mind keeps trying to construct schemes of how I can stow away in her suitcase.  Even if I could find a way to fit inside her luggage since I can't afford a ticket,  it would be rotten of me to go.. my Adah's first recital you know.  And then there's Jonah's kiddie-tri the next week, which would be a tragedy for me to miss.  Can you understand that Sis?  What I wish most of all is that their Aunt DeeDee was here to see and sit next to me.

Some day soon, we will see each other, I can feel it.  And that feeling makes it even harder to wait!  But I trust that the prayers I have laid down will be picked up.  Until then, I will try not to continue driving myself crazy with the physics of fitting myself into a suitcase.

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