Wednesday, May 5

Meant to be Margot?

First things first, I think it is OBVIOUS how cool my name looks with a "t" on the end.  Right?  Growing up I always wondered WHY my parents left out the part of my name that could truly secure me with cool-name status.  However, all coolness aside, there is an actual story behind me naming this blog "Meant to be Margot."

YEARS ago... in 2002, I began regularly attending church.  I had not previously attended anything similar to church, nor had I ever believed that I would.  And what did I find in church? In short, my hiding place, my security, my purpose, and my future.  I know!  Its a lot to find in one little place....

My future began in that fine year when I met a certain Mr. Michael Hays Layerd.  He was a strapping young man fresh out of college wielding a shiny architecture degree.  "Hays" would ultimately sweep me off my feet, and all the way down the aisle, but not before he confessed to me that he had met the girl of his dreams.  And what's more, she had his all-time-favorite female name:  MARGOT!  I mean this guy had hit the jackpot.

Well friends, I came quickly clean on the true spelling of my name, knowing full well I could spoil the whole deal, and it turns out, that "t" didn't matter to him.  But, as he and I do believe that we were meant for each other, and I do believe that requires me being his dream girl, I can only conclude that for my whole life I was always meant to be Margot.

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