Tuesday, May 4

This is not easy

I am totally swallowing my pride here.  Can you see the big lump in my throat as it slides down?  Starting a blog is something I swore I wouldn't do....but here I am.  A few lovely ladies revealed to me the sense as well as the fun in it, so I'll give it a try.  Thus far, I've been frustrated more than once trying to just get it up and running.  I have a hard time using templates and other such things, which all make me feel extremely boxed in.  How can I convey who I am inside someone else's stencil?  Is that even what I'm supposed to do?  Its definitely what I want to do anytime I'm faced with the task of choosing colors or pictures or fonts....  maddening details!!  They obviously didn't plan for me to use this thing because there were no choices of various brocade and/or paisley/floral designs in the background options.  Why can't this blog site just download an image directly from my brain?  One day...

Now, I am content to see this as a work in progress (all projects need not be completed in one sitting Margo), and I am excited to find out where this little blog will take me.
Well, Ashley & Tracy, this is for you!  Love you girls..

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  1. I am very excited and happy for you Margot! Beautiful first two entries! I know already that I will love your blog. Much Love, Tracy