Thursday, May 13

I Woke Up This Morning

I woke up this morning with an ache in my neck, a crick in my shoulder, and a sweet little girl's head on my chest.  We were lying on the couch, Adah and I, since about 4 am.  And we didn't let go of each other for 4 whole hours....heaven.

My baby has athsma and has since she was about 6 weeks old.  Since Saterday she has been in the midst of a major flair up, and we've gotten little sleep because she coughs all night during flair ups.  She hasn't been to preschool in over a week because last week she had pinkeye too.  Sometimes being a mom is a really hard thing to do.

But, I will see it like this:  the last few days I have had the honor of being a nurse to one of God's princesses.  I have been chosen for the position of night watchman over his little darling.  How did I ever earn such an honor? 

When  I woke up this morning, I had pains in my body, fatigue all over, a kitchen full of dirty dishes.  The grooming police should have arrested me for my unshaven legs and the condition of my eyebrows (so glad my husband loves me).  My house is a disaster from over a week of having a sick child and all the harriedness that entails.  As much as I detest all these things, I can only now feel thankful and abundantly blessed.

Thank you God for all of the irritating things surrounding me right now because they are evidence that all of the time that I would normally have spent keeping them in order has been poured into being there for my Adah.  She and I have a very strong bond, and you have given us an opportunity this past week to make it even stronger.

Adah and I got to spend a few minutes
 at Lake Ella yesterday together,
our first time outside all week. 
Here she is on the rocks.


  1. What a great way to look at life :) I'm exhausted just thinking about being squished on the couch with a coughing child all night. But yes, what a blessing.