Friday, December 17

Its been a while

I know it has been SO long since I've updated this thing.  Way to go me...always starting projects, not always finishing them.  Life has carried me away into an abyss of decisions, work, busyness, changes, and just trying to survive until it all blows over.  In the last 8 months this is what has happened:

We found out we were pregnant!
We decided to buy a home
We moved in with my parents in order to save money to buy the home
Adah started kindergarten
I finished another semester at FSU (still have a 4.0!)
We searched and searched and searched for a house
I started and stopped a fun job at RedEye Coffee (it ended up being too much for a pregnant mom-student)
We found a house (a fixer in the midtown area we love)
We planned renovations for the house
We began renovations

WHEW!  At this point, I am 8 months pregnant, still living at mom and dad's and trying to cheer my husband on while he manages the renovations on our home.  We had hoped all along to move in before Christmas, and that is not happening.  Now our prayer is to move in before Joshua Hays is born.

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