Thursday, May 26

2011 May Red Hills Kids Triathlon

The day finally came on Sunday, May 22 (which happened to be our 7th wedding anniversary) for the triathlon Jonah has been training for and anticipating.  It was so much fun, and Jonah did such a good job achieving his personal goals.  It was emotional for me seeing my baby do something so difficult and being so brave.  I teared up before he even started!  I tried cheering for him during the swim, but I got choked up...I'm such a sappy mommy!  I get choked up at lots of things, it doesn't even have to involve my own kids, but that's another blog post.

I am always happy when childrens' sporting events are well organized and there is a spirit of acceptance and encouragement present. The Red Hills Kids Triathlon sponsored by Rowe Roofing, Inc. is a wonderful example. It even made the news! Video here.  I love the atmosphere of everyone cheering on all the kids and any fitness level kid being able to complete the race even if they need assistance.  Jonah needed assistance in the water last year, but he was still able to race, and that set him up for this year's goal of swimming by himself.  And he DID IT!  WOW!!  A little help from "coach" Tim Batey went a long way for Jonah. Thanks Tim!

Here are some pictures:

before the race with daddy

before the race with mommy

marching over to the pool lane with Andrew, an old buddy
with whom Jonah happily shared!

Shannon McNees talking to the boys before the swim. 
Thank you Shannon for introducing Jonah to triathlon!

Jonah on the left and Andrew on the right about to swim

Jonah head-down in his good form, which he held for
at least a little while

Victorious over that swim, Jonah runs to the transition
area to jump on his bike

And he's off!  This is the "easy" part he says.

Oh yeah, biking over and he is smiling that
this run is his last leg (and he's not pooped yet)

Here's our buddy Lily running toward the finish line!  She
looks like a gazelle with those long legs!

Had to add my friend Jenn and daughter Lily after the
finish line.  Is that a proud momma or what?

Jonah and Lily High-Five, the training partners
have completed their race!

Cole Batey, Jonah, and Lily Batey
serious racing over, silly time begins.

And in the end, for Jonah, its really all about the free
doughnuts and soda they give you after the race along
with some hanging out time.

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